As a club we are passionate about supporting local organisations and giving back to those that strive to make surfing a more accessible sport.

"we are The RNLI: the charity that saves lives at sea

Every day of every year, people of all backgrounds get into danger in the water.

It's a problem that we are here to tackle.

we are here to explain the risks, share safety knowledge, and rescue people whose lives are in danger.

we are here to work with others to make the water a safer place for everyone.

we are here to prevent tragedies on and offshore. 

and with your support, we always will be"


"The Wave Project brings people together through surfing.


our evidence-based surfing therapy programme is proven to help young people feel less anxious and more positive.


we also run beach school projects to help children feel more engaged in education.


Working with partner organisations and our amazing volunteers we are changing lives together."

Want your organisation to be involved with the biggest uni surf club in Europe?


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