1. Only pee in your own wetsuit

  2. Respect the locals, they're feisty, especially in Cornwall

  3. No dropping in please

  4. Nose diving is cool, despite common misconceptions

  5. International help signal: 1 fist, straight up in the air. Do not wave your arms! Surfers are friendly, we'll just wave back at you thinking you're having an awesome time!

  6. Get involved in the party waves yeah boi!

  7. Always leave the beach in the same condition as when you arrived! Even better, complete a Surfers Against Sewage 2 minute beach clean!



Yeeeeewwwwww: yeah buddy

Throwing buckets, ripping bags and other ridiculous phrases: used to generally describe awesome surfing performances

Out back: not the Australian bush. When you're behind the last breaking wave and you can kick back and relax, without worrying about getting smacked in the face by the lovely warm waters of the British winter. Some people even try to catch waves here

Messy: too many beers last night, you know how it gets. but in the water the waves are going left right and centre (if you're lucky), basically getting pretty loose like you were the night before

Frothing: getting excited and surfing like you mean business

Overfrothing: getting overexcited about surfing or life in general (this generally makes you think you're the dogs bollox and actually doesn't have as great an impact on your surfing as the plain old 'frothing'

Getting barrelled: it’s the surfer’s dream, when you're riding inside the tube looking and feeling like Kelly Slater himself

Shaka: a way of greeting your fellow surfers. It makes people think you know what you're doing

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